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Aerohive’s cloud-managed unified platform increases network automation and intelligence, while reducing cost and complexity for IT teams. This new ability to centrally-manage software defined LANs and WANs through a public or private cloud will fundamentally transform how networks are deployed and managed. With the industry’s first combined SD-LAN and SD-WAN solution, organizations can now provide the same level of network access for headquarters, branch offices, and teleworkers.

Aerohive’s SD-LAN Solution provides self-organizing and self-healing wired and wi-fi access, greatly reducing complexity and costs.

  • Adaptable Cloud-based networking with self-optimizing, self-healing, and self-organizing Switches and Access Points
  • Simple to deploy and maintain with public or private Cloud management
  • Dynamically define user and device actions when accessing the network
  • Prioritize and change the network based on application needs

Aerohive’s SD-WAN Solution provides fast, reliable, and secure HQ-like network access to midsize remote locations & teleworkers.

  • Easily deploy, monitor, and support thousands of remote sites with Cloud management and automated device provisioning
  • Optimize, throttle, and direct traffic based on applications and users
  • Secure end-to-end LAN and WAN policy enforcement
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  • Single pane of glass cloud management for wired and wireless LAN and WAN
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